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We know that skin can be dry or dehydrated but we generally believe that they are the same problem and no, it is not! That is why it is important that we identify what each term means and so we know what to do to treat it.

Although it sounds complicated, it is a reality, a skin can be dry but not dehydrated and vice versa. Therefore when we talk about dryness or dehydration are two different problems that affect our skin.

According to specialists dryness is a state of the skin, while dehydration is a condition, but first let’s know each one!

Dry skin:

Dry skin face is a skin that has no natural oils, has a rough texture and looks flaky, also wrinkles easily and tends to be stiff most of the time. You can’t change this condition, it’s established in your skin thanks to your genetics, despite this, you can treat it, manage it and balance it with creams and treatments to obtain incredible results.

Dehydrated skin:

According to the data collected, a dehydrated skin is generated when the skin loses the moisture due to lack of water and nutrients, we can identify it because the skin looks weak, with lack of brightness and dull, it becomes more acute when winter begins. Generally there is a greater production of fat in the T-zone and the cheeks look stiff (nothing that a good moisturizer can not improve)

It’s IMPORTANT to clarify that any type of skin, whether combined, dry, oily or normal skin, can become dehydrated and may be due to different factors:

  • Temperature changes
  • Sun exposure
  • Air conditioning
  • Environmental pollution, and many others.


How to treat Dry skin face:

Clean your face with products that are as natural as possible to avoid irritation, exfoliate weekly and apply a cream that is sufficiently moisturizing and special for your skin type, say NO to fragrances.

How to improve dehydrated skin face:

The first thing you should do is improve your eating habits, increase your water consumption and include in your diet foods rich in antioxidants, vitamins A, C and E. Avoid drinking alcohol, smoking, diuretics and laxatives. Use gel products, which provide hydration, luminosity and firmness

At Amelie Skin care our products are 100% natural and carefully selected by specialists in the area to generate in the Dry Skin Face the necessary hydration and give it back the natural glow for skin it deserves.

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