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Washing our face is an activity that we perform daily, we always want to use the right products, which fulfill a certain function and that really make us a deep cleansing to our skin so that it is bright, but we do not always ask ourselves what is the right way to clean our face.

We all know that taking off our makeup before sleeping is BASE and a habit that we must have obligatorily because this helps our skin, the same way it is to do a correct cleaning so that our skin looks healthy and bright.

That’s why we have created a checklist that will keep imperfections in check!


First : Remove your makeup

Remove any makeup residue is the main thing, because they clog the pores and there come the imperfections to shine, when you go to remove it make sure it is with a specialized cleaner for your skin type, then pass a cotton with cleansing milk to forget any residue of base, blush or illuminator.

Second: Clean in a smart way

We would like to tell you that the tools such as brushes or moons that are currently on the market for the face are a PERFECT MATCH because they help get rid of the grease and dirt accumulated during the day on the face. Just be careful not to overuse them and irritate your skin.

Third: Take a moment

At the time of applying your cream or gel cleanser, give your skin a massage, enjoy being in front of a mirror, in the solitude of your bathroom, where you take a moment for yourself and at least 60 seconds massage gently, so the product penetrates more and will have a better effect because you are stimulating the lymphatic system and improving the circulation of oxygen and blood.

Fourth: Pay attention to the water temperature

Okay, we all love hot-water, but it will only age your skin, so we recommend that the water you use to wash your face be lukewarm, not too cold and not too hot, so that it dilates the pores and gives you radiant results.

Fifth: Micellar Water 

This product drags any dirt that may remain on your skin even after cleansing, and not only that, but it prepares your face for the following products: toners and moisturizers. 

The important thing in the whole process is that you use natural products, which are kind to your skin type, so that you don’t irritate it and have side effects that nobody wants. If you don’t know yet what your skin type is, you can make our SKIN QUIZ so you can discover the benefits of each ingredient that enhances your natural glow.

Are you ready to feel nature in every drop?

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